With 5 years of experience in IT and 4 years in IoT, we provide full-cycle IoT application development and canopy all components of an IoT architecture. we’ll handle the event of your IoT-capable software ranging from requirements engineering all the thanks to support and evolution.

Why choose andUX as your IoT development services vendor?

IoT applications we develop are compatible for

Companies offering IoT SaaS applications or smart products

With 5 years in software package development, we design quality IoT apps that are scalable, easily customizable, and supply for reliable external integrations.


Companies using IoT for streamlining internal operations

We confine mind the range of your IT infrastructure and pay due attention to integrating your IoT application with enterprise software you already use.

IoT application development from A to Z

For you to get a full-fledged IoT application, we are able to support you throughout the whole IoT application delivery life cycle:
1 – Consulting
2- Design and development
3 – Security testing
4 – Integration
5 – Launch
6 – After-launch support

IoT (Internet of Things) Consulting for Digital Transformation

At andUX, we see IoT as a strong tool driving digital transformation and it’s not a mere assumption. For 5 years, we’ve been delivering full-cycle IoT services to assist businesses catch the wave of digital transformation.

We have reinforced our offering with a good array of IoT consulting services. Our consultants are able to share their knowledge and hands-on expertise to assist you create the proper IoT strategy for your digital transformation initiative or find the best-fit approach to evolving an existing IoT solution.

We Aid You at Any Stage of Your IoT Initiative

Whether you only start your IoT journey or are already making your way through it, our IoT consultants will assist you make the simplest of latest technological opportunities and set them in tune together with your business strategy.


At the design stage, our IoT consulting team will assist you within the following ways:

Demonstrating the transformation potential of IoT to business management

we’ll analyze the peculiarities of your business to develop plausible IoT use cases, outline the advantages they will drive in your business environment, also as forecast potential long-term savings.
Planning an IoT solution in line with desired business objectives

Our IoT consultants will study the peculiarities of your business, the precise challenges you would like to deal with and therefore the benefits you plan to realize with IoT to work out the functionality and capabilities your future IoT solution should deliver.

Developing an IoT solution roadmap

Our IoT consulting experts will break the specified deliverables into specific tasks to make a structured visual representation of when and the way an IoT solution are going to be implemented.


Designing an IoT architecture

counting on the wants to the functionality of a future IoT solution, we’ll design a versatile and scalable IoT architecture tailored to support your specific business objectives.


Choosing an appropriate technology stack

we’ll assist you choose the technology stack required to deal with your business needs efficiently and cost-effectively, also as select reliable technology vendors.


Developing an IoT security strategy

Our experts will leverage their best practices gained with 17 years in information security to stop data misuse at every level of an IoT ecosystem: device security, data security, operational technology security, and more. we’ll confirm your data collection and use are according to relevant standards and regulations (e.g., HIPAA in healthcare, ISA99/IEC 62443 in manufacturing, etc.).


Implementing PoC (Proof of Concept)

we’ll assist you in validating the effectiveness of the solution’s architecture design and therefore the competences of selected vendors. Implementing PoC will allow testing the answer before rolling it across your entire business environment.


Preparing detailed IoT solution requirements

Our IoT consulting team will interview project stakeholders and potential users about their demands and desired use cases, perform feasibility studies and analyze existing service descriptions, also as consider legal, regulatory, environmental and other requirements to make an entire and valid description of an IoT solution.


At the implementation stage, we render the subsequent consulting services

Tweak IoT project management

With consistent and efficient reporting on project status, resource workload, and expense tracking, we allow you to possess the advantages of sound coordination of resources, clear formulation of goals, persistent process coordination, and end-to-end process transparency.

Facilitating collaboration between business project stakeholders and an implementation team

We propose ways to coordinate multiple stakeholders and engineering teams to make sure fruitful internal (senior management, operations, IT and security managers, R&D, support, legal departments, etc.) and external (hardware and software vendors, connectivity providers, etc.) collaboration.

Helping with missing IoT-specific technical knowledge and skills

Our IoT consultants and engineers are able to join your team at any stage of an IoT solution’s planning and implementation to supply help within the areas where expertise could also be missing: big data, IT security, AI , etc.

Taking over any a part of implementation

Our skilled IoT engineers are able to combat any a part of implementation: from enabling the communication between smart things and therefore the cloud software to integrating IoT solutions with other enterprise systems.

Operations and maintenance

At the operations and maintenance stage, we are ready to

Solve problems with an existing IoT solution: the shortage of advantages , questionable ROI, an extended development process, high operational and maintenance costs, functional and security issues, and other.
Plot an IoT solution’s evolution: improving a solution’s architecture, enhancing its functional capabilities, integrating new use cases, and more.